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  Slate & Silver Jewellery

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Stud earrings


Slate coloursBlack, Green and Patterned Green       Inlays: Silver and Bronze

The top image shows our current range with the revised codes for the 2022 price list

This is an image of the card used to identify pieces on our trade stand with the relevant codes for pendants, earrings etc.

  The  mounted pieces show the slate types and inlays available.

Please use the new 2022 price list and this page to order items

Contact us for a PDF copy of the new price list.

Slate Shapes & Sizes used in our jewellery

- sizes will vary slightly as all pieces are cut, shaped and finished individually by hand

the relevant information by length or diameter for the Range is highlighted

Studs : 9mm discs (Sky - 13mm discs)